Friday, March 4, 2011

Performance Problems Resolved

The performance problems that we were having have been resolved.  Without making you read this whole thing to get to the conclusion:
  • The problem was solved with an iDRAC firmware update provided by Dell (contact Dell to get the right version)
  • The odds that you, the reader, are affected are extremely low (unless you have a PowerEdge M610 with dual Intel Xeon 5650 Westmere processors, six 4GB quad-ranked 1066 MHz DDR3 RDIMMs, no mezzanine cards, and only one 10K SAS hard disk. Even then, there may be another mitigating factor that ensures you aren't affected.)
  • If you think you are affected, Dell support should be able to quickly tell you if that is the case or not
  • We consider the issue to be resolved